Thursday 25th July 2024
Whos been Inspired?
The range and diversification of the projects that we have worked on is a major strength of Inspiring People, and, makes interesting reading…. I hope that you give us the opportunity to speak to you, so we can all draw on some Inspiration.

Event Management

We have been involved in a wide range of unique events, including leading events that have been managed on-board a number of Caribbean and Mediterranean Cruises.
Taking groups of like-minded individuals, away from their businesses to interact and develop in their professional arena has been very successful. Mixing your Continuing Professional Development requirements, with a unique setting for soaking up… both Sun and Knowledge, is something that we are well versed in arranging.

Business Coaching

All of the business coaches involved with Inspiring People are involved with running businesses… We like to see ourselves as part of the Alex Ferguson of your company, rather than the Wayne Rooney… that’s you. If we can help with some ideas, action or both, please give us a call.

Sales Training

We have been involved with a wide range of telemarketing support projects, motivating sales people to achieve the goals that help your business succeed. From simple motivational seminars to ‘on the ground’ hands on sales involvement, Inspiring People can help.